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I imagine this is where I introduce myself

October 9, 2011

After a good eight years of blogging and journaling under screennames and pseudonyms on different sites and platforms, I decided it was time to start compiling some of my writing in a single place under my real name.

So hello, I’m Nanna Freeman, and there’s no way in the world not to make a post like this incredibly awkward. I’m a professional (graduate) student of Art and Literature (no, really, that’s the name of the program. How deliciously high-brow and vague, right?) and an independent scholar of pop culture (which is to say, I watch a lot of TV and overanalyze it). I live in The Hague (The Netherlands), attend Leiden University, work as a teacher (among a variety of other things), have four sisters, and a collection of nephews who take the shape of cats. I’m Team Pie – though I make a mean (cup)cake. I’ve lived in Bundaberg, Australia, and Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a thing for “bergs,” no matter how they’re spelled, apparently.

Last year I started blogging under my real name for Persephone Magazine and discovered that I greatly enjoyed that. There are, however, many times when I want to write about something that might not be too interesting for the readers of that website (often Dutch stuff) and I feel at a loss about where to put those particular thoughts. So that’s what this blog is for. I’ll start off by cross-posting some of my older writings, but will soon catch up with original pieces.

That’s it for now, I’ll call it a day. It’s not like I have any readers yet anyway.

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