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The Win Column

November 15, 2011

Have you ever thought to yourself “today is a complete loss” or “today can go in the win column”? I know I have. In fact, I had that latter thought just last night. And while I was posting about my win-feelings on Facebook, as any self-respecting person on the Internet would, I thought to myself, “what if there was an actual win column”? So I did what I always do when a weird thought strikes me: I made a spreadsheet.



Welcome to the Columns of (un)Happiness! Every night, I’ll evaluate my day and put it as a “win,” “lose,” or “meh” in this spreadsheet. When you’re working pretty much all the time and sometimes feel quite overwhelmed with the mountain of books and lesson plans staring you down, it’s quite easy to feel like every day is not so very good. But at the same time I feel like there are probably more good days that I remember. The goal of this spreadsheet is twofold: to have a better overview of my overall, personal happiness rating and to spend some more time reflecting on things I can be thankful for. Which is why I included the specifics column, so that when I look back I don’t just see that for some reason I believed that day was a good day, but I can see exactly WHY I FELT it was a good day.

In a way, I was inspired by the Unfuck Your Habitat Tumblr. This Tumblr, which is hardly as expletive-filled or hardcore as it sounds, has taken off among some of my friends because it sets realistic goals that allow you to improve your environment. It’ll remind you to declutter your purse, push you to spend 30 minutes cleaning your kitchen, tell you to go through your paperwork the way your mother would remind you once a year to go through your stack of school notes and homework assignments. For days now, my friends have been unfucking their resumes, their NaNoWriMo projects, their bedrooms, their essays, their coffee makers. Everyone who gets involved manages to inspire another person. You can see my particular spreadsheet project as a way of unfucking my mind by making myself remember that my life is currently pretty darn grand.

Oh, and the featured image on this post is from Hyperbole and a Half, which is great, and you should totally read it. It’s not my property in any way, shape, or form.

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